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Careers @ 

The 4 prime qualities that DASH looks for are:


Technical Aptitude

  • Problem-solving skills with a thirst for knowledge and emerging technologies

  • Strong technical experience in database, cloud, big data, analytical solutions

  • Innovative and inquisitive mindset ready to leverage information technology to streamline data processing


Management Skills 

  • Self-drivenness and ability to manage schedules independently and effectively


Commitment towards Excellency

  • Quest for improvement of oneself through training and exploration

  • Passion and commitment towards goals and interest areas

  • Thrive for success and quality


Team Player

  • Reliable team player with strong communications skills 


Careers @ DASH 

DASH is committed to providing you with loads of exciting opportunities, fun challenges and rewarding appreciation that will help you develop and grow professionally and personally in a friendly team-orientated environment.


If you are interested in joining DASH, please contact us at

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